Services list

  Software development on demand
Development support

Do you have a team of own development but you need help in methodologies, tools, good practices, testing or architectures? Here we are to help

Open Source

Open source software is revolutionizing ways to develop and methodologies, providing security, transparency and generating innovation. TdA supports free software and uses it regularly.

Business Applications

TdA's team has the experience to be able to cover with solvency any phase of the life cycle of a development project from initial analysis, design and creation to maintenance.

Web, intranet and extranet portals

We create web portals whether they are commercial webs, corporate intranets or extranet focused on clients or suppliers.

Mobile apps

The mobile is already the device most used by users to consume information. If you need a custom application, TdA is your partner. We create native applications for Android or Windows Phone or hybrid cross-platform

Advanced integration

Do you have information systems disconnected between them and do you need them to share information? or perhaps exploit joint information? We are experts in solution integration.

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