Services list

  Cloud services
Virtual servers (private and shared)

Virtual servers allow you to forget about managing IT infrastructure and worry about the security of your data, pay only for the capacity you need, and increase it as your business demands.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Work with updated commercial software, from any device, anytime and anywhere, paying monthly for what you need monthly and receiving professional support from Andorra.

Mail in the cloud

Show your availability and clear the most immediate work from any device, anytime, anywhere, without having to connect again and again to the company's mail servers.

Andorra Cloud Storage

Save documents, upload photos and share information from anywhere, with absolute guarantee that data is stored and processed in our Andorra data centers without transferring to any other site or used for any other purpose.

Backup online

Having the best online remote copy service guarantees the company's operation even after having suffered an attack or virus, or other type of disaster.